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147 Dunham Ranch Road Sulphur Bluff, TX, 75481, Hopkins

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147 Dunham Ranch Road - Active

Sulphur Bluff, TX 75481 (MLS: 34543)

$43,940,500 USD
  • 3,923

  • 13,684.40


Sulphur Bluff Ranch

The beautiful 13,684.4 acres of the Sulphur Bluff Land property has a long history of continual improvements. From the Army Corps levy built to manage water in the bottom, to the previous owners who cleared the bottom, leveled fields and built the ghost timber and east reservoirs, the cattle herd and center pivot to the current owners who built flume ditches, GPS leveled and drained fields, built world class hunting habitats and to this day continue to improve the land, pastures, wildlife habitat and buildings of this special property in Northeast Texas.

Cropland acres are all GPS graded to drain and also to flood irrigate. pH and Fertility levels have been corrected to levels recommended for high yielding grain crops. Hay and Pasture acres have been intensively managed for proper fertility and pH levels, which is a practice not common to most NE Texas pasture land. Careful attention has been given to stocking rates to prevent overgrazing and maximize forage production and value. Three reservoirs have been built for wildlife and irrigation purposes, providing more than 5,000 acre feet of irrigation water and exceptional duck hunting opportunities. Woods and Wildlife areas include multiple moist soil impoundments and established upland bird habitat, managed to promote diverse vegetation and food sources. There are 50 duck blind locations, 11 deer and hog blind locations, and 500 acres of upland bird habitat.

1. 13,520± acres (7,387 Agriculture / 1,759 Pasture / 4,268 Wildlife Habitat and Water)
2. 4,476 acres of irrigated cropland and 2,911 acres of non irrigated cropland
3. Qualifies for Conservation Reserve Program and Wetland Reserve Easement Programs
4. Midwest Style Farming Operation
5. 20,000 Acre Feet of Permitted Water Rights
6. Twelve 55,000 Bu Grain Bins
7. Three Large Reservoirs
8. World Class Water Fowl and Upland Hunting Habitat
9. Fertile Sulphur River Bottom Tillable Land

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